Author: Prof Joop Boomker

Infections of the musculature

The cysticerci of a number of cestodes are known to occur in a variety of the antelope as well as in warthogs and bushpigs. Most common are those of Taenia crocutae, Taenia hyaenae, Taenia regis and Taenia gonyamai. These can be identified with some measure of accuracy when the hook sizes are compared. Neither the tapeworms themselves in the small intestine of the carnivores nor the cysticerci in the muscles and abdominal cavity of the herbivore intermediate hosts seem have any effect.

Basson et al. (1970) found 29% of the buffaloes they examined in the KNP to be infected with cysticerci, but Boomker et al. (1989b) found only 11.3% of kudus in the KNP to be infected and 3% of reedbuck near Himeville, KwaZulu-Natal, were infected with Taenia hydatigena larvae (Boomker et al., 1989a).