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The module will also review and briefly summarize the OIE guidelines for transport and slaughter of livestock and discuss how this relates to the situation in Africa. Ethical and humane implications of different kinds of religious slaughter will be examined. The relationship between productivity and welfare in livestock production systems will be explored within the context of veterinary economics. Using available standards and guidelines suggested online and in the literature, checklists will be suggested that could be used to design or implement welfare audits for different red meat or game production systems. Welfare criteria and the ethical aspects of livestock production in extensive, intensive, small scale, traditional and organic farming systems will also be explored.

Other relevant information

  • Meat hygiene: Zoonoses and red meat processing
  • Meat hygiene: Integrated food safety management principles for red meat
  • Meat hygiene: Prevention and control of chemical contaminants and drug residues in red meat
  • Meat hygiene: Biosecurity and environmental impacts of red meat production and processing.

More information can be found under the topic International trade and marketing of animal commodities and products:

  • General issues associated with international trade
  • Standards and norms associated with international trade in animal commodities and products
  • Assuring the biological safety of animal production (value) chains.
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