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Start sharing: learn how to use openly-licensed content to create presentations, websites, and other resources that you can legally share with educators, collaborators, and self-learners worldwide.

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The first step in creating open content is stating to others how you want them to use the content. This may seem complex; it’s not. Creative Commons makes this process of choosing a license remarkably easy.

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To build open content, you must use open content. Fortunately, there are a number of websites and repositories that you can browse to discover openly-licensed images, clip art, video, learning modules, music, and other relevant materials.

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Academics know that attribution is essential. We show you how to effectively cite open content and other materials you might use to assemble your educational resources and projects.

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The most exciting part of creating open content is sharing it. We can help you publish and promote your content through our website or guide you to a number of our favorite content sharing sites that enable you to publish, promote, and collaborate with others around your OER.

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